The Fairytale Factory: Theatrical Productions

The Fairytale Factory is dedicated to producing entertaining, professional-level theatre that is not only relatable to children, but also teaches important messages about life, confidence, friendship and inclusivity. We are made up of seasoned professionals who collectively have over 40 years experience in the performing arts, at the professional level, across Canada and abroad. Our creative team consists of dedicated professionals who have given their lives to a particular area of what we do; child development, live theatre, visual art, dance and artistic direction.

Show Options

We specialize in putting our own interesting spin on classic Fairytales in a way that is entertaining for all ages! Some of our shows include:

Hansel and Gretel


A Christmas Carol

Peter Pan

The Three Little Pigs

As well as original creations such as:

The Royal Princess Ball

The Fairytale Factor

Custom Shows:

The Fairytale Factory will also write an original show if there is a particular subject matter/theme that you want to focus on for your event. Often clients ask us to prepare something totally original and we are happy to do so!

Magic Show

An interactive magic show where the audience takes part in making magic happen (and a few giveaway prizes throughout)! A family show where adults enjoy themselves just as much as the children. Your guests will get a chance to see the magic close up, as some of it may happen in their very hands! Laughs, fun and magic. What more could you ask for?


30 mins: $110

60 mins: $185


For Inquiries

Nikki Ponte

Founder/Fairy Godmother/ Creative Director