Which performer will be coming to my party?

The Fairytale Factory does not book specific performers on events, only specific characters. All of our actors are professionals in the performing arts field and have been trained to execute our programs to the highest standard! That being said, we will not be able to tell you which actor will be attending your party, only that it will be someone from our roster. Actor bios and headshots are available for viewing any time on our “performers” page! We give equal work opportunities to all of our performers as they wouldn’t be with the company if they weren’t fabulous!

What forms of Payment to you accept?

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer. All deposits must be processed via e-trasnfer. Remaining balances can only be processed via e-transfer if they are sent and accepted before your character arrives.

Can you send me a picture of my character?

All of our character costuming is available for viewing on our “characters” page. Our actor bios and headshots are available on our “performers” page. The complete character that shows up to your party will be a combination of the two! While we try to post all of our actors in costume, sometimes this isn’t feasible as actors sometimes play multiple characters.

Will I pay a travel fee?

We do include a travel fee on some of our bookings depending on where your event is located. We will provide this number to you, if applicable, prior to booking so that there are no surprises.

Can I get a discounted price?

The Fairytale Factory is dedicated to contributing to important fundraising and community building causes. Community and charitable organizations are eligible for a discount. In order to sustain this initiative we are unable to offer discounts outside of this. Making magic is very hard work and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of performance! We are priced according to this.

What happens in bad weather or if the character is sick?

The Fairytale Factory engages over 14 actors and so we do our best to make sure understudies are available. There is always the chance of an extenuating circumstance. Working with children can be unpredictable and sometimes more than one person on our roster is ill at a time. In this case we will be happy to provide you with a full refund and reschedule of your party. Our actors do not travel during extreme weather advisories (i.e. Ice storms).